Living with Vibroacoustic Disease

Vibroacoustic Disease Is More Than Just a Hearing Problem

An occupational disease that affects many who aren’t even aware of its existence, Vibroacoustic Disease (VAD) has changed the lives of thousands of people. Caused by long-term exposure to high intensity (above 110 dB) low-frequency noise (100 Hz), it’s often low enough that it’s imperceptible to the human ear. Though it’s not always noticed audibly,… Continue reading Living with Vibroacoustic Disease

5 Places That Could Hurt Your Hearing

Places That Can Be Damaging To Your Hearing

Most of us live in a pretty noisy world, and it’s getting noisier by the minute. Cars, planes, machinery, construction, events, even sirens on police cars and other emergency vehicles can crank up the volume. Unfortunately, as our world grows louder, so the risk of noise-induced hearing loss increases. Your hearing health is precious. Once… Continue reading 5 Places That Could Hurt Your Hearing